Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quality Concrete Forming Systems Make Magnificent Structures Possible

There may come a time when houses are literally printed on-site. The International Business Times recently did a story about a 3D-printer invented by one Andrey Rudenko from Minnesota, which allowed him to create a single-level, concrete castle in his garden in just eight hours. Rudenko hopes that this technology might help other countries bring affordable housing much faster to people who really need it. That said, Rudenko had the weather on his side to make this project possible: the warm 95 °F summer temperatures helped set the cement quicker than expected. In the real world, construction firms don’t have the same luxury and instead rely on sturdy concrete forming systems to keep the concrete from falling apart while it sets. Fortunately for them, suppliers like Leco Concrete Forms & Supply provide reliable wall ties and forming hardware that enables contractors to finish their work for the day just as fast as Rudenko’s 3D-printer.

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