Friday, July 11, 2014

Construction Basics: Significance of Quality Concrete Forming Systems

Depending on a contractor’s needs, formwork can come in a variety of materials and forms. First, there is the wooden formwork that is made of timber or plywood, which is easy to build, but not exactly durable. Therefore, it’s only used for smaller structures. Second, there are engineered formworks. Using premade modules made of metal, they are easily applied and can be reused multiple times. The durable aluminum concrete forms for sale by companies like LECO Concrete Forms & Supply are good examples of this.

Third on the list are plastic formworks. Not as rugged as metal ones, they are popularly used when building mass housing, because they can be conveniently interlocked with one another to form simple structures. Fourth, there are permanent formworks that aren’t removed after the concrete has dried.

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